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The commercial sector in Colombia is the most vulnerable to vandalism. Private Security and Surveillance SIETE24 going research current issues that allow you to keep up with the safety of the commercial sector and to provide its customers with appropriate security schemes to ensure the integrity and security of people, property and facilities.

You can rely on the experience, quality and safety studies that provide the tranquility that you and your family need.



Health is a fundamental issue for all citizens and all have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and humanization, three of the key guidelines that are part of the formation of a security guard SIETE24.

Please keep tranquility and trust in the service security of the private security company which has 30 years of experience in the market.

We provide based on the humanization and cordial service, the perfect combination for service delivery in the health sector is optimal.



As a fundamental right established by the United Nations Organization, this sector should be available to the society under quality parameters that allow providing a service meeting the purposes and the needs of those who access it.

Again security is a strategic ally, it is a sector of care. Therefore our guards have the training required for the needs of this environment: they are certified etiquette and protocol service and customer service. On the other hand, the constant operational, tactical and defensive reinforcements give strength to the service and create an atmosphere of security and tranquility in the environment.



The industry cluster is one of the most representative sectors of the economy, representing 2.4% of it. In turn, have an important role in generating employment and is the sector that invests in machinery, technology, training and supplies to mobilize their business model.

SIETE24 is a company that linking to a company with one of their service, cares about study well the market that you bet, because as a private security company has the responsibility and commitment to be the perfect strategic partner of business.



It is a big player in the economy of Colombia, and this sector has been classified by some experts in the field. The agro gives 9% the indicator of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Successfully bets on the export of quality and performance.

The expansion of the area is at its best, since, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the country has 10 million hectares of productive vocation criteria, while, on the other hand, there are about five million the same units of productive area untapped. With this balance the government and the unions of the agroindustrial sector estimate an annual growth of 3% in production and expansion.

Private security in Colombia plays a key role, since it guarantees tranquility and ensures the integrity of those who work for this sector. SIETE24 is the private security firm with extensive experience in the agro business sector that meets all quality guidelines.



The hydrocarbons sector represents a bulk of exports of our country. Similarly means 25% of foreign investment, while accounting for 25% of current revenues. (Figures from the Colombian Association of Petroleum)

As one of the most influential sectors of the Colombian economy, job creation, its latent environmental commitment and position generated from Colombia to the world, it is pertinent that security is an essential for those who are leading the market factor this area.

A company that gives certified and backed by quality audit process entities, is what this industry really needs. For this you can count with SIETE24 Security Guard and Private in Colombia.



To live in peace in a suitable space and designed to share with family and rest is the ideal residential model we all expect. The form of closed sets monitored for 12 or 24 hours, security guards, surveillance cameras and even access controls are the mechanisms that society uses to generate the tranquility that residents expect.

As in any sector where surveillance supports, in the residential sector is not just about safeguarding the assets and facilities, but also safeguard people and their families, a responsibility that transcends action to monitor and care .

Private Security and Surveillance SIETE24: characterization of good service and humanization allows us to give the family feel that the residential area needs, combined with the experience and work in security research, will throw the ideal formula that facilities need.

Assign security to a company with over 29 years of experience and service philosophy which is based on the humanizing and operational quality will give you the peace of mind as customer needs.

Secure Yourself with Siete24

Evaluate your staff, information and facility security, and soon we will contact you with a solution that fit your needs.


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