Our Security Guards: highly Qualified

A security guard SIETE24 is constantly subjected to control processes, training and service evaluation allowing always filter and keep the best men, who will be responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of our customers.

Our rigorous selection process is designed to recognize the staff willing to serve, proactive and dynamic process that is regularly supplemented by training in the following areas:

Customer Service

First Aid

Occupational Health

Etiquette and Protocol

Microsoft Office Basic Courses

In addition to the verification and renewal courses accrediting the teamwork  as a security guard.

Furthermore, we believe faithfully in a motivated and happy person will be an enthusiastic collaborator who give their all to fulfill their functions. So in SIETE24 human capital is not measured by number, but motivational metrics, allowing learn more about our employees to work together for their welfare and f their families.


Calle 108 # 8 -45
Tel: 744 7724
Fax: 520 3588


Calle 51 # 35-28 Interior 100 Of. 205
Tel. 685 1439


Calle 4 Sur # 43AA - 30 Of. 601,
edificio Formacol
Cel: 320 865 1535


888 Byscaine Blvd, suite 505,
Miami, FL. 33132
Tel: 786 539 47 20


Avenida 6AN # 20-29 Of. 203
Cel: 310 2839438


Calle 76 # 54 - 11 L. A11 - A12
Edificio World Trade Center
Cel: 304 328 3274

Acceso Siete24

Acceso Siete24

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