Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Tapitas to heal childrens with Cancer

The theme of the environment, control of waste and to help children with cancer is a fact thanks to ‘Tapitas’ foundation program Heal Children with Cancer.

SIETE24 its continuing quest to generate and sponsor programs that promote a more just society, now linked to’Tapitas program “Healing the Children’s Cancer Foundation. An idea of this entity whose initiative focuses in cooperating financially on the treatment of poor children with cancer.

Plastic covers any container (containers, bottles, flasks) collected large amounts are made available to a recycling company who make due process hygiene, chopped and transformation of this material, to finally become plastic elements as chairs, tables, bottles, storage containers, among others.

The company in charge of this process guarantees the purchase of all caps, and this payment the cost of medical, psychological and social care of infants is financed up to 40%.

This noble cause has as main purpose cover the Mandatory Health Plan does not cover, like attempts to ease the burdens of the mothers of these children, many of whom have given up their jobs to be aware of the health of their children.

Besides this charity plans, there is also room for recreation, leisure and learning, because it is not only to supply medicines and treatments, but generate them quality of life in education and recreation.

Since May 2013 SIETE2 Surveillance and Security SIETE24 is linked to this program with the purchase of an urn found at the premises of the headquarters in Bogotá, where administrative staff and security guards, through supervisors, deposit the ‘caps’ Heal helping children with cancer.

The mission is to collect as many as possible  and to have the satisfaction that protecting the environment can make a child happy and perhaps give peace a mother.

Environmentally Batteries

It is clear that the fate of some wastes is causing environmental problems. Batteries, for example, are a source of energy, but are also a major source of contamination for the planet. These small pieces are capable of destroying the planet if they are not used and discarded accordingly.

Cells or batteries facilitate the daily life of humanity, but these elements are generating toxic gases and liquids capable of disintegrating other environmental matters.

These toxic batteries also have an impact on human health, can generate different types of cancer in the body, anemia, lung damage, kidney dysfunction, severe stomach pain, among other ailments. Likewise, a cluster of five batteries can contaminate thousand liters of water.

The batteries we use everyday on different computers, including mobile phones, and that no longer work end up deposited in landfills. Their high metals content end exposed outdoors generating highly toxic gases to the environment.

With exposure to the sun batteries secretes its slow decomposition components affecting the layers of soil, water and air. Batteries are the causes of 98% of the mercury in household waste, these batteries are also responsible for global climatic disruption, it acts as a reactor contamination.

One, two or even thousand deposited in appropriate places batteries can not cause many ills. It is for this reason they should not go with other household waste, much less discharged into open dumps, much less in landfills.

The national government and the National Association of Colombia (ANDI) created the Stacks Environment program, a campaign designed to raise awareness, from the private sector, all Colombians about the risks of bad CLICO Utility batteries and batteries. Its mission is to collect as many batteries throughout the country by installing containers consumer-directed and installed in major chain stores, just as in public or private institutions.

Once collected are transferred to a collection center and are subsequently carried disposal of an entity with environmental license for the treatment and disposal of such waste.

Private Security and Surveillance SIETE24 joins this purpose by the environment to contribute and join this chain of corporate social responsibility. We have the support of our more than thousand men who are part of the team of private security company.


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