Provide security and tranquility as a company is the sum of having trained men and highly qualified to provide this service. Likewise, as a company ensure the welfare an employee needs, as faithfully believe that a happy and satisfied with their jobs better person carries out its work.

On the other hand, the operative part of the area of security required to have elements that make the service a robust and solid niche that ensures the purposes of private security.

It is for this reason that SIETE24 strengthens its services with operational and technological infrastructure. For this we have the following:

Central Operations

Central Operations

A high definition video wall technology transfer high quality data and information capabilities, specialized data protection software, a comprehensive and effective system of communication that integrate radio frequency and telecommunications, covered seven days week, 24 hours a day by constantly trained in safety technology and people: this is our core operations and monitoring.

This is the core of support and reaction with counts SIETE24 available service and our Security Guards and Supervisors.

Elements of supervision, control and reaction

Elements of supervision, control and reaction

The security team SIETE24 has a fleet made up trucks, police cars and motorcycles operated by trained on the offensive and evasive driving, who circulate through the various monitoring points perimeter zones and are always vigilant for any abnormalities staff.

On the other hand, we have segways high end as transportation that optimizes the task of guards.


The armament is a key area of private security issue. Every company should ensure legalization, tenure and functionality of this. Private Security and Surveillance SEITE24 has an ample supply of firearms. Revolvers, pistols, shotguns and nonlethal weapons are part of the inventory provision of the company.

This inventory has the legal support required by the Superintendence of Private Security and Surveillance.

All our vehicles are resent models and are subjected to constant maintenance that allows us to guarantee our quality services.

Communication Equipment

Communication Equipment

Coupled with good service, complete infrastructure , skilled and happy staff, is also part of our organization have private security communications equipment capable of supporting the monitoring service.

SIETE24 available technology for communications of its employees. Avantel, smart phones, radios and even high-end tablets with a new system of electronic bill tools are part of the operation of our guards and supervisors are provided.


Calle 108 # 8 -45
Tel: 744 7724
Fax: 520 3588


Calle 51 # 35-28 Interior 100 Of. 205
Tel. 685 1439


Calle 4 Sur # 43AA - 30 Of. 601,
edificio Formacol
Cel: 320 865 1535


888 Byscaine Blvd, suite 505,
Miami, FL. 33132
Tel: 786 539 47 20


Avenida 6AN # 20-29 Of. 203
Cel: 310 2839438


Calle 76 # 54 - 11 L. A11 - A12
Edificio World Trade Center
Cel: 304 328 3274

Acceso Siete24

Acceso Siete24

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