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We have developed modern and efficient systems for measurement and identification of risks to the facilities, people and information.

We have an electronic bill and customer relationship, which you and the assigned strategic advisor, can access and see the job in real time

  • Fixed Surveillance

    Fixed Surveillance

    We place our trained and skilled guards in their facilities to meet safety functions according to their needs. The services are configured according to the requirements of the facility and desired security levels.

    • Services 24, 16, 12 and 8 hours, depending on customer needs.

    • Regular communication via radio or Avantel (depending on location) during the seven days of the week, 24 hours a day with the operations and monitoring center of our company.

    • Security guards with or without a weapon.

    • Ongoing monitoring the number of visits required guaranteed distribution by quickly reaction zones.

    • Electronic control system rounds, GPS for escorts, vehicles supervisors and guards in the open field.

    • Reaction and timely logistical support for any eventuality.

    • Highly qualified and constantly trained in service areas, surveillance, business etiquette and protocol and customer service.

  • Mobile Surveillance

    Mobile Surveillance

    If your company does not require a permanent security guard, this form of security may be right for you. If you require supervision in their facilities during specific hours or days, we offer mobile surveillance, which constantly review the status of their facilities with the frequency that you hire. We can monitor your business from once a month to the number of times you want in a period of 24 hours a day.

    • Supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    • Reaction supervisors zone alarms and contingencies of each installation.

    • Periodic review of the facility, secured by reporting GPS patrols, registered in our complete plant operations. You can verify this information as often as necessary.

    • Division of the zones assigned to a prompt reaction.

    • Personal uniformed and clearly identified for safety of the client.

    • Communication via radio or Avantel depending on the area to protect.

    • Security guards deployed in automotive or motorcycle patrols 4×4 175 c. c. or greater, for purposes of good service and prompt reaction.

    • Supervisors controlled by GPS, armed and connected to the central operations, supported by sophisticated computer equipment.

    • Security guards available 24 hours, available to provide support in case of any eventuality.
  • Watch dog

    Watch dog

    SIETE24 offers canine surveillance modalities anti-explosive, narcotics, defense, attack, search and rescue guided by our technically and tactically trained guards in training dogs. Consistent and effective workouts that guarantee quality and good service.

    • Canine certified entities.

    • Services 24, 12, 16 and 8 hours, depending on customer needs.

    • Electronic control system using GPS rounds for the guards in the open field.

    With this service you can potentiate the security of its facilities, have more and better anti-explosives and narcotics control.

  • Electronic Security

    Electronic Security

    It is not necessary investment in expensive security equipment. We install, lease and monitor the equipment you need is available.

    This service gives the possibility of mounting an entire security at the lowest prices with excellent results.

    SIETE24 has a wide range of electronic security services, supported with high quality inputs, managed and run by professionals trained in theoretical and practical knowledge.

  • Monitoring and Alarms response

    Monitoring and Alarms response

    SIETE24 has a large group of security professionals in permanent movement ready to react to any event that occurs on the premises monitored by us.

    We offer products and systems of the best open platforms so they can be easily integrated with other solutions and create effective security systems.

    With this service you can:
    • Help protect all your business premises without being present.

    • Include accessories such as panic buttons, motion detector, protection of vehicular and pedestrian access.

    • Identify critical conditions such as low or high temperatures, flooding or loss of electricity.

    • Control access to hours or days out of the establishment.

    • Zoning facilities to automate access to different areas at different times.

    • Assigning keys to multiple levels of security.

    We also guarantee direct communication with our customers, security guards deployed in 4×4 or motorized patrols and coordination with police security quadrants of the area in case of disaster.

  • Video Monitoring

    Video Monitoring

    Thinking about optimize the safety of installations and after doing research and studies that yield solutions that aim to help grow your business in addition to protect, we have developed a wide range of solutions supported on the video to reduce many of the risks of its employees, facilities or home, at very low costs.
  • Video Surveillance

    Video Surveillance

    We have an operations center as the core of information, reports and contingencies which are generated at points where SIETE24 installed services. From this central facilities with cameras keep an eye on your office, warehouse or store at a fraction of the cost of what it means to have a permanent guardian or guardian to monitor your CCTV system.

    Our advanced Analitycs system allows us to generate alarms when there are movements or unauthorized acts.

  • Closed-Circuit TV

    Closed-Circuit TV

    Our technological inputs made by the most robust global brands, leading market for its quality, support operations and security projects. SIETE24 is prepared technically and tactically to make mounting, monitoring and tracking of the systems, closed circuit television, with video analytics management software, matrices and remote monitoring cameras, the information will always rest in our Central Operations seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

    • Accessibility: With this service you can have the advantage of seeing events, areas and facilities movements in real time, as often as deemed necessary, while we monitor permanently.

    • Utility: take greater control of their employees, their losses and reduce insurance premiums thanks to our advanced technological systems.

    • Productivity: through monitored by video surveillance more productive work environments are generated by discouraging violence in the workplace, harassment and negative in the customer service attitudes.

    • Reliability: With our system of video surveillance and monitoring how many times you can access needed information from a computer or from your smartphone, you can also rest easy because all information will be stored and accessible to you.
  • GPS Monitoring

    SIETE24 has developed modern monitoring systems and satellite tracking through a private channel connection (APN), which guarantees real-time location of people, vehicles, among others.

    With this service you can meet real-time routes, movements, problems and duration at each point or visit their employees, assets or vehicles for you to be in control all the time.

    • Real-time tracking of people and/or vehicles.

    • Coordination of tactical equipment safety

    • Monitoring pets

    • Control fleets guards or supervision.

    • Tracking of people under house arrest or probation.

    • Safety for children or people with physical limitations.

    With a GPS control you can:

    • Locate on interactive maps online and in real time with a range of minimum difference.
    • Provide analysis graphs for tracking tours, which can help improve your business efficiency.
    • Measure the times and distances in graphs and export reports to tools office use.
    • Storing historical movements, inputs and outputs and to consult them whenever necessary.
  • Access Controls

    Access Controls

    If your business requires a solution that gives you control and reporting this to work efficiently while providing a safe environment for its assets and employees, systems access control SIETE24 can help you ensure that only the right people have access to your business while acting as an intelligent management tool and security personnel.

    To have the ability to control access to your company, it is no longer a tool for large enterprises, as any business, regardless of size, have technical or personal ability to fully utilize this help at very reasonable prices.

    Remote access controls allow you to:
    • Having control of income and out of staff.

    • Establish restricted for hours, days or person areas.

    • Access record and expenses for fractions of time with the help of our security team, help control payroll.

    • Provide a safer working environment because low key access cards or facial recognition allowed to be modified as necessary.
    With SIETE24 you and your company will have access controls for the following mechanisms:
    • Biometric Means:

    • Proximity cards:

    • Face Recognition:

    • Key or Pin:
  • Executive Protection

    Executive Protection

    If you plan to travel anywhere in Central or South America, SIETE24 may be the best option logistical support and protection for your visit, as the success of our company has allowed us to expand to countries throughout Latin America.

    If you decide to take service with our company, you will have a complete study of urban security in the area to visit, which identifies safe, vulnerable sectors or areas that may pose a risk to you;

    In this study the main and secondary routes to optimize timeliness secure in their meetings and ensure its integrity are also recognized. Once you arrive at the destination, SIETE24 have adequate security scheme based on their itinerary and, above all, on their needs.

    We offer:
    • bilingual services with security agents

    • Agents with or without a weapon equipped with bulletproof vests.

    • Personal tactically and technically trained in protection.

    • Risk analysis systems.

    • Semiautomatic Weapons.

    • Transport and airport-airport reception

    • Logistics and tourist hotel recommendations if the customer requires it.

    • Shuttle service for the city to visit in armored and conventional vehicles.

    To ensure greater security, each of our men backed, support and reaction of safety equipment and operations center 24 hours a day.

    We have offices throughout Central and South America, plus strategic partnerships with security companies in Europe and Asia.

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