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Safety recommendations for the residential sector

Most frequent forms of theft: Residential Units

Major cities, always tend to have the highest rates of theft and intrusion into residential units. For the daily movement of those living in the city will always tend more to the routine, work and hectic life they lead these citizens.

For that reason it is important that everyone knows the most common forms of intrusion and theft in homes or apartments. It is not enough security or buildings closed sets, because the business criminals manage to go unnoticed.

Note the following:

  • Take care of your correspondence, because thieves tend to steal the correspondence place to get your data.
  • Never allow strangers access to your residence without prior authorization people. Any institution of any service operator always announced in advance.
  • Change the locks on your home if you just moved and do not keep copies elsewhere, it is better to provide a copy to family members who require it.
  • Do not hide a spare key under the rugs, the pots, accountants, etc., is one of the most common mistakes.
  • Keep your property properly lit if it is in a remote location and in an open perimeter.
  • Try to vary your routine arriving at different times and taking different roads to get home.
  • Observe your surroundings before entering your home if your place of residence is not in a closed set and you arrive late at night. Thieves often approach their victims at that time just to muzzle them and enter them.
  • Avoid making comments with neighbors, shop, etc. on their trips, outings and storage of money in the house. Always think about the integrity of your home and be careful with the information that can be valuable.

Frequently Used Tricks:

It is common for criminals to obtain information from their victims as their names known to terrorize the environment, make lose the control of people that are in place and then commit the crime. Do not be intimidated or fooled with phrases like:

  • “Your husband / boss / father / etc., Is in the emergency room at the hospital, please let us come to bring clothes and some items that are in need”.
  • “Your husband / boss / father / etc., Is caught in the URI, are his friends and he asked us please give us everything of value because the police will come to seize all assets . We can not let it stay on the street after much work “.
  • “We are friends her husband / boss / father / etc., Asked us to put you hand over this to you”. And what they wear is scopolamine.
  • “I owe this money to your spouse / boss / dad / etc., I come to pay, can I come in?”.

Safety for people posing as officials

Private security institutions often receive request for preventive training in residential areas where they provide security services, as this is one of the favorite areas of criminals.

The experience of Private Security and Surveillance SIETE24 has formed us with an extensive background in terms of security that allows us to stay ahead in the way of criminals act.

  1. Impersonating officials of public or private utilities, uniforms get public utilities, pollsters DANE and to representatives of legal authorities, are the most common methods of offenders. Note that any of these entities ever going to get a surprise to visit or check your home without an appointment and without the authorization of the owner of the house, so be wary of any unauthorized release.
  2. In the presence of a public service employee, if you have doubts that this is the need to enter or not to your home, take your time and check directly with the company. The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce requires these businesses always have a line of customer service. Make use of this and make sure the person who is at the door of your home who claims to be.
  3. Facing threats, attempted intrusion or struggles, ask for help or immediately contact the police, always have on hand the phone number of CAI your quadrant.

Millionaire Call

The millionaire call is a modality that for years has scammed many citizens and even large companies. Thanks to a campaign that SIETE24 developed throughout the second quarter of 2013, many residential and business customers of the company avoided this type of theft.

SIETE24 as private security company is also committed to the promotion and prevention of these situations, because our work as private security company includes strengthening to #CitizenSecurity.

  1. The person making the call is not clear with his ID, stutters name, insists he is a friend or relative, until you discard it begins to appoint people nearby. Here you will already giving information that they get more out for you to fall.
  2. The interference call, the thick, confused voices and noise that prevents call is clear are other tricks for you to give information.
  3. Impersonating a friend of a family, be tragic in the stories and their involvement in them, such as his close friend is in jail, has been injured or is unable to speak.
  4. Induce anguish and despair for not leave calmly consider giving you complete and valuable data that will serve to scam you.
  5. Remember that in these cases oneself is the ending providing all the information they need to convince a “reality” that criminals created.

Before making payments, deposits, pack what is in their house “to avoid being confiscated by Police” is better ascertain who is on the other side of the line. You seek by all means contact who allegedly is in danger

Infrastructure, an important factor for the safety of your home

On the Security infer factors such as self-care, prevention, safety measures and the scheme as such, as well as the supports and reinforcements security (security guards, alarms, cameras, CCTV). However, a very important part that must be clear in a safety study is infrastructure facilities.

This applies to any type of unit. In this case, as it comes to housing, it is also important to verify some physical mechanisms that will enhance the security of your home.

  • Ensure that exterior doors in your home are resistant solid and rigid materials such as metal or solid wood.
  • Do not skimp on expenses locks on exterior doors. The most common brands, usually are best.
  • Note how many copies of the keys to your house do you have, who they do, where to take them. Avoid leaving them in goal, shops and places outside their home.
  • As far as possible install a “magic eye” and a chain of security that allows you to see who is at the door without opening the door at all.
  • If you lose a set of keys, you better prevent and change the locks.
  • The bars on the exterior windows are a factor that gives you a high degree of security to your home. Make sure they are welded, not you screw.
  • Before you go to sleep, make sure that the doors and windows of your home are closed.
  • Whenever you leave, if only for a short time, put lock the door.
  • Make periodic inspection of the condition of the exterior doors and windows; to the same extent verify ceilings, tiles and skylights in your home.

It is always important to participate in community meetings. Usually safety issues are addressed and the police is present at these meetings to update the community on security issues.

Befriend your neighbors, maintain contact with them, as they may be useful to monitor your home and establish cooperation with them.

Do not forget to have on hand a list of contact numbers and emergency

In vacation periods or extended absences:

  1. Try to appoint someone who frequent your house during his absence and leave a light on at night.
  2. Do not disclose your travels. If you do, count on the people closest.
  3. Keep your valuables in a safe place that only you aware.
  4. Include only your name, telephone number and avoid placing the direction of your home in the slots where the cards are personal data

Recommendations for the domestic staff:

It is important to be clear that your home works as a company requires budget, personnel, responsibilities and obligations. Within many have the cooperation of domestic housing is essential. For your safety conduct a rigorous selection process to choose their general service staff.

For this we recommend:

  1. Make an interview where you can determine the level of culture and education of the applicants. In an interview you can perceive whether the treatment is very informal, form of expression, dress and idioms will generate indicators being trustworthy.
  2. To request personal references, family and his former workplace. Check them and make sure they are true.
  3. Ensure that during the first season of work someone accompany and follow their work processes.
  4. If necessary, visit the place where he lives. This will generate more confidence.
  5. Check disciplinary history, criminal record and even credit life. These three factors can isolate risk factors and decide whether you run a hiring process.
  6. Have contact details of family members, photo of the person and the photocopy of the identity card if you have decided to select someone.
  7. Do not ask questions that threaten the integrity of the person, such as sexual orientation, religion, etc.
  8. Finding the modalities of theft more frequent and common. Train staff on criminal ways in which criminals operate in the sector.
  9. Leave at hand all contact numbers, including those of their immediate families, so that in case of emergencies or concerns facing a millionaire called to verify the information.
  10. Give instructions to keep their distance from strangers, but always being aware of the people around them, without going to extremes of trust with neighbors.
  11. Do not allow your maid stay too long in goal, your workplace is not that.


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