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Safety recommendations for the financial sector

Recommendations in ATMs

Fortnight and month-end turn out to be the time of most desired by criminals month, nearly 80% of Colombian workers should have their wages recorded in their bank accounts, why criminals are on the lookout for their victims.

The following tips are very helpful in making any cash withdrawal:

  1. Before entering the card to the cashier, make sure the slot is firm and fixed to the machine. Criminals use a number of tools in the slots to steal card information.
  2. Note that the keyboard does not wet or have plastic cashier covering, covered with a powder or liquid. If the keyboard is in any of these conditions, do not pass his hands over his face, as they may be substances to alter their nervous system.
  3. The mini cameras are the most common elements in these cases. The components of an ATM always be: one where the camera goes up the cashier, which usually is located on the front of the machine at the height of his face or diagonally adjacent to the screen pointing to his face. The slots are three: where the card where the money goes and where the receipt is thrown goes. There should be no more slots. If so, they may be cameras that steal your data.
  4. By using the ATM address will not accept help from anyone. There are multiple complaints and cases where characters enter with intent to collaborate, but what they do is muzzle extract as much money as possible within minutes.
  5. If the card slot is blocked, do not allow the passage or flounder, remember that an ATM will always be in top condition for operation. This blockage is caused by criminals pretending to enter the cashier with you and commit robbery.

Using cards and internet shopping

Fortunately the Financial Supervisory regulated in Colombia shopping and online payments, after many complaints, claims and, above all scams.

Currently it is safe to transact business on the net, provided that takes into account these recommendations.

  1. Do not enter the virtual branch of your bank via links in your emails. Do it directly from the Explorer bar.
  2. all kinds of transfers and banking transactions reliable equipment at home, work or applications on your smartphone.
  3. When making a purchase, the payment process should be referred to the virtual branch of your bank right now verify that the URL of the page starts with http: //.
  4. It is important that the team of trust where the transaction will have a current antivirus program and updated.
  5. The most common payment mechanisms in Colombia are using recognized, audited and with a margin of support for such payments entities. Frequent stores with payment of PSE or Payments Online. There are other payment mechanisms provided some research online before making payment.
  6. The vandals network usually suggest missing values in the purchase or transaction for you again make the process and can capture data and clone your card.

Do not add to the victims of freight costs

Recommendations and campaigns of the authorities and banks against the robberies have proved almost useless, since the number of victims does not diminish.

Citizenship has security mechanisms provided by the police. If you make financial transactions with high amounts and should mobilize these, you can request service police escorts. They will accompany you to your destination.

To avoid being a victim of this type of robbery, where the opportunity makes the thief, follow these recommendations:

    1. If you plan to withdraw large sums of money, do not tell anyone about your transactions, then the operation with extreme caution and as stealthy as possible. Often thieves and their accomplices are closer than you think.
    2. Do you have high trust people? Turn to them when you go to the bank to make withdrawals or transactions. Ask him to be removed from you and very attentive to any suspicious activity. It can be a great support during the transaction process.
    3. If your ride is particular is better go accompanied and, secondly, you leave it parked near the bank.
    4. Upon removal of your money, ask the cashier to give high denomination bills, so you do not have much volume. Put it in your purse.
    5. Distribute the money pulled in different parts. Two bags, pockets shirt, jacket or pants, provided they are within manila envelopes or bags of opaque colors.
    6. It is not normal that the cashier who is treating interrupt the delivery of money, are absent or make phone calls. If you see this, immediately report to the bank manager.
    7. If you have specific hours, routine intervals of time to do your banking processes, break occasionally these routines to prevent criminals make your day a map that leave you vulnerable.

Feel free at any time to have the escort service and escort the National Police to make such transfers.


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