Commercial Sector

Safety Recommendations in the Commercial Sector

For your business or business premises are sure to take some measures. To begin with it is important hat the owners have complete trust in their employees and verify personal and work references of applicants to a job. From this point, the security team SIETE24 PRIVATE MONITORING, after a study in commercial establishments, suggests these recommendations.

In the day of its establishment:

  1. Try to make the opening or closing the store in the company of someone.
  2. Manage a base in the register with the amount of money necessary and appropriate for the management of cash.
  3. Provide a safe with extra money, which only you and your trusted employee access.
  4. Design a basic security protocol to be applied by you and your employees.
  5. Set fixed opening and closing of the establishment.
  6. Maintain good relations with its neighbors and the other owners of commercial premises sector together can be a support network security.
  7. Always have on hand the phone number and emergency Nearest Immediate Attention.

Infrastructure of your business:

  1. Adapt good lighting inside and outside the premises to get a better visual panorama.
  2. Do not install advertising, stickers, banners or banners that obstruct the visibility of the entrance to the premises.
  3. Evaluate the possibility of installing security measures (alarms, monitored cameras, access controls).
  4. Locate the cash register out of sight of passersby.
  5. It is always best discretion, do not tell anyone their financial transactions.

With your employees:

  1. In the selection process recommendations verify employment and personal references when hiring new employees.
  2. Establish safety procedures. Stop writing on what occasions you should call the police, how to handle cash, how to use safety equipment, opening and closing the business and how to do it properly.

On the other hand, remember that submitted a violent situation in your establishment, do not take risks, to a dangerous situation should always protect your life and prevail.

If you notice signs of suspicion with any of your visitors, as hostile language or nervous tone, watch. In any situation, however difficult it may be, try to remain calm, as shouting or making scandal may aggravate the attitude of the offender and lead acting aggressively.

As we have always recommended, if you become a victim of any criminal, be aware that it is vital to perform the denouncement.


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